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"This is the fastest and easiest way to get your audience to connect with you, your product and service"

This training is ONLY for you if...

"You want to create videos that boost your business but have no idea where to start."
"You create content (or would like to), but not getting the results you want."
"You're overwhelmed by the tech involved in making a video."
"You don't know how video content fits into your marketing strategy."
"You tried to make a video in the past, but it didn't work, so you didn't try again."
"You can't find mentors that can take you from concept to creation and distribution."

What Is The Video Production Academy?


What if there was a way you could almost guarantee that any video content, whether live or pre-recorded would boost your business, and generate more views, comments and leads?

With a choice of workshops, courses, masterclasses and memberships, tons of content and our private support group, you can learn everything you need to create the video's that will have an impact.

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Meet Your Video Production Academy Team

George is an experienced multi media creative, With over a decade of experience working in graphic design, motion graphics, music production and video editing just to name a few.

Ben is a lecturer in Audio and Film Production at Moray College UHI, and film maker with over 30-years-experience in film making from comedy to drama-based documentaries.

Lee has extensive experience within media, education and business. Her media speciality is editing, although she describes herself as an all-rounder. In business she specialises in development, strategy and marketing. 

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